Frustratingly Slow Computer?

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Frustrated by a Slow Computer?

It could be your spinning hard drive


Hard drive technology has come a long way in recent years, but many computers are still built with a standard 5400rpm or 7200rpm spinning hard drive. These drives are inexpensive, but like all mechanical devices slow down and wear out.

In-Shop Diagnostics - No Appointment Necessary

First we make sure your hard drive is the culprit, with our free in-shop diagnostics. Our techs will verify the cause of your computer's slowness and provide repair, upgrade or replacement recommendations at no charge to you. Just drop your computer or laptop off at our shop during regular business hours.

If the hard drive is not the cause of the slowness our techs will make other recommendations based on the results of the diagnostics.

What are the benefits of moving to a Solid State Drive?

Solid State drives use flash memory to deliver superior performance. Unlike spinning hard drives with many small moving parts - magnetic heads, spindles, spinning platters - solid state drives don't have moving parts. 

Solid State drives don't suffer the same failures from heat and shock that spinning hard drives do; a shock to the drive comes from common drops or other accidents that cause a sudden hit to the hard drive harming small, damage-susceptible parts.

Solid State drives are faster without moving parts to slow down the function of the drive. Solid State drives offer "instant load" performance, meaning faster boot times, faster application loading times and overall better system responsiveness.

All in-shop drive replacements are $99 /hour billed down to the 1/2 hour, plus the cost of the drive. We carry drives in stock from 250GB up to 1TB. Larger drives can always be ordered.  To schedule a hard drive replacement call us at 775-852-4333.

What is the process to move my data?

Your data is important to you and keeping it safe is important to us. When replacing a spinning hard drive with a Solid State drive we clone the data from the old drive to the new; meaning you should see no difference when you get the computer back, but what you'll experience is greatly improved computer performance.

The typical cost of a spinning hard drive replacement is 1/2 of billable time (the clone will take much longer than that, but we only bill for time our techs are actively working on your computer plus the cost of the drive you select. We carry drives in stock from 250GB up to 1TB. To schedule a hard drive replacement call us at 775-852-4333.


Complements From Some of Our Customers

  • "You guys are amazing! Technical geniuses that fix my computer problems lightning fast for a very reasonable price. I know I can count on you for top quality service!"
  • "Great place for computers and offices phones. Easy to work with."
  • "Took my laptop in Because it was very slow and not working very well. The great professional staff at TopSpeed fixed my laptop and it ran as good as the day I bought it. I highly recommend TopSpeed to anyone with a computer"
  • "Friendly, informative, quick, and reasonably priced. After I could no longer troubleshoot on my own, I brought my PC in and they had me all fixed up in no time. I do recommend and I will be a repeat customer for sure."
  • "Marie is AWESOME! I had looked at yelp to see if there was anywhere worth taking my supervisor's laptop, and Marie answered my search fastest and was SO helpful! They had to special order a part to repair my supervisor's laptop, but they contacted me as soon as it came on and fixed the computer immediately! I appreciate how professional Marie was! She didn't try to sugar coat anything, and the cost of the repair was reasonable. I will definitely recommend this business and go back as situations require!"
  • "Friendly, competent service.  I needed a new keyboard for my laptop.  I dropped it off, they ordered the part (did not ask for a deposit), allowed me to pick-it up to use it while waiting for the part to arrive.  Received a phone call as promise, dropped it off and it was ready the same day.  The estimate was on target - very happy with Top Speed.  Thank you!"
  • "I had been checking around trying to find a computer repair shop to help me rebuild/upgrade my 4 kids computers. I settled on Top Speed and could not be happier.  Their pricing is some of the most fair I have seen. They did not charge me for diagnostic work, and even stretched the term diagnostic (in my opinion) to save me more money. Turnaround time is incredible. But what really does it for me is that they are very friendly and personable. They never make me feel bad for asking even the dumbest questions. I cant recommend these guys enough. I have never been more confident in work done on my computers than I am when I leave their shop."
  • "Very friendly and kept in touch with what they were doing and when things would be done. Very pleased."
  • "I have had HUGE success with Top Speed!"
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Last modification: Wed 4 May 2022

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